Manken Cotton Tight

This cotton tight for women is made with 100% cotton that provides comfort. It is made from high-quality materials and is available in a variety of sizes. Order yours today and enjoy fast doorstep delivery!


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The Manken cotton tight is made with pure cotton. The most significant advantages of cotton underwear are that it breathes, it’s soft and comfortable, non-allergenic and insulating. Sensitive skin and require comfort, cotton underwear is an ideal option. The disadvantages of cotton underwear are that it’s less durable than synthetic fibers, it can shrink, and it absorbs and retains moisture. So, for those who require more durable underwear that will remain the same size and will not retain moisture, cotton underwear may not be the best option.


Comfortable & Breathable Fabric: Our cotton tight for women is made from a breathable fabric with high elasticity, which helps to tightens up body locally and shapes easily. It does prevent the blood circulation in capillaries and with its special texture, perspiration is absorbed and rejected.

Posture support: These tights are designed with additional support features, such as built in panels or reinforced seams, which can help improve posture and provide extra support to the lower back.

Versatile: Cotton tight can be worn under a variety of clothing including dresses, skirts and pants to create a slimmer, more sophisticated look

Perfect for all women’s needs: Our tight is integrated to sides and waist region; pressure points assist to shape hips and belly. This shapewear for women tummy control very suitable for your dresses/ jeans/ suits.

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